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CMT has developed a unique technology platform– a suite of leading clinical, behavioral and analytical tools designed to obtain better and real-time patient data to facilitate coordinated interventions and engagement touchpoints that help to keep patients on treatment and to obtain better healthcare outcomes.

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As Featured on a Bloomberg article

"Abbott has a genuinely unique approach among multinational companies and is creating innovations. For example, Abbott uses a technology called CleverCap® in Colombia; this fits on a standard pill bottle, alerts the patient to take medication, and then dispenses the prescribed dose. This innovation in packaging also offers internet connectivity to help doctors monitor patients."

Excerpts from Merck’s peer-reviewed journal publication

“Electronic adherence solutions such as CleverCap Pro® represent an opportunity to improve the reliability of dosing data from clinical trials, and the results from this study demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing smart packaging in clinical trials…It is significantly more accurate than the currently accepted standard of paper diary and provides a passive means of data collection that reduces the burden of self-reporting dosing times by the subject”

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