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CleverCap Lite®

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Records date and time of bottle openings.
  • Tracks if a medication bottle is not properly reclosed.
  • Works with several different bottles sizes.
  • Compatible with primary manufacturer bottles as well as liquid bottles and vials.
  • Configurable visual and sound reminders.
  • Silent mode options available.
  • Compact and discreet design that fits into active daily routines.
  • Rechargeable USB Port.
  • Keeps medication stability.
  • Perfect for oral formulations (caplets, tablets) or liquids.

CleverCap Pro®

  • Records date and time of each individual medication dispensed.
  • Dose-control design to ensure the correct dose administration.
  • Can dispense multiple pills per dosing window.
  • Dispensing door can lock between dosing windows.
  • Number of pills can vary between dosing windows.
  • Attaches to standard industry vials.
  • Configurable visual and sound reminders.
  • Silent mode options available.
  • Perfect for oral formulations (caplets, tablets).


  • Simple to use and portable.
  • Holds up to 7 individual compartments with up to 30 pills in each.
  • Records date and time of individual compartment access.
  • Configurable visual and sound reminders per compartment.
  • Silent mode options available.
  • Warning alert if incorrect compartment is accessed.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Perfect for use with oral formulations (caplets, tablets).
  • Numbered compartments for easy identification, compartment labels provided.
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