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Intuitive and Intelligent Medication Management that Improves Quality, Access, and Outcomes for Patients.

CMT is a digital health technology solutions company with the mission to connect those who care and empower patients to live better, healthier lives. Our patients-first, data-driven digital health platform helps improve adherence habits and patients' quality of care.

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95% Average Adherence
Lift Adherence rate by more than 20%
Increase additional treatment refills
By 1.5-2.5 Per Patient Per Year
4.8 out of 5 Patient Satisfaction
Deployed in 25+ Countries
Deployed in 300+ Sites
1M+ Dosing Events Recorded
Thousands of patients have improved their medication adherence and quality of care.

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CMT Adds Value Across Health Care System
Customers have used CMT's personalized, data-driven platform and have obtained valuable insights from their patients, impacting the quality of life and improving healthcare outcomes.

Wow this is so amazing. It has helped me to remember to take my medicines daily.

Loved that it reminds you on the phone to take your medicine ! Great product!

I've always had trouble remembering to take my medicine. Which ones I've already taken and which I haven't. This device does it all for me. The easy app takes away all the guess work and does and tells you everything you need to know.

I like the reminders and how it shows which medicine to take. I also like how it shows which ones were missed.

Great pill reminder system. Easy to set up and a breeze to use. Holds charge for a very long time (I.e. I haven’t charged at all since removing it from the box). Will definitely recommend to others.

It has been a blessing in reminding me to take my medicine. I haven’t missed a single dose yet, whereas before using it I most likely would’ve missed. I wouldn’t go back to using without it.

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