Oracle Health Sciences unveiled its new Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service, enabling clinical study teams to remotely collect data from a wide variety of e-Sources to obtain more accurate and rich patient data, improve adherence to study protocols, better understand the safety and efficacy of trial drugs, and improve patient centricity with remote patient monitoring.

“We are thrilled to announce our new mHealth Connector Cloud Service as it holds great promise in speeding clinical trials and bringing more drugs to market faster. Being able to take what used to be patient-recorded data and outcomes via paper forms and site visits can now be done via mobile health sensors and wearables that have the potential to shorten trial times and reduce costs, while allowing sick patients to remain in the comfort of their homes versus traveling to and from trial sites. To improve patient enrollment in clinical trials, study teams must put the patient at the center of everything they do, and emerging technologies such as wearables and sensors hold the key,” said Steve Rosenberg, General Manager, Oracle Health Sciences.

The mHealth Connector Cloud Service supports several integration approaches and Oracle Health Sciences is currently exploring integration efforts with a wide ecosystem of mobile health companies including Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT).

“At CMT, our CleverCap product family blends the best technology with the connected patient to help track and improve medication dosing habits in clinical trials. Our collaboration with Oracle Health Sciences enables a seamless real-time display of dosing patterns data into the eClinical systems that clinical trial sites and clinical teams utilize, alongside other essential clinical trial data,” said Moses Zonana, CEO of CMT.


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