Clinical trials utilizing the CleverCap medication adherence platform can promote better patient adherence and improved data collection.

AVENTURA, FL – Clinical trial professionals are in need of better ways to improve data quality and collection, more accurately forecast trial costs, and move drugs through the approval process faster.

A new e-book, available here, shows clinical trial managers, investigators, researchers and pharmaceutical sponsors how to take control of compliance, improve data analysis and reporting, and achieve higher quality clinical outcomes. Unlike traditional smart bottles or reminder systems, a medication adherence platform designed
specifically for clinical trial teams must have a dual focus on data collection and patient adherence practices.

Data Accuracy
The CleverCap medication adherence platform tracks real-time data based on trial participant behaviors, including if they are taking their prescriptions, if they are taking the correct dosages, and at what time (time/date stamp for each dose). If dosages are missed or incorrect, notifications can alert the trial team to follow up with participants or other caregivers. A singular Web-based data platform accessible by clinical trial teams and caregivers acts as the central repository for all secure data. This also provides the reports required for accurate analytics and data reporting for the approvals process.

Improved Adherence
Clinical trial participants have many reasons for non-adherence. To improve behavior over time, the CleverCap medication adherence platform offers multiple reminder methods, including visual and sound alerts. It is mobile for active lifestyles; and sends alerts to clinical trial teams and caregivers when participants are noncompliant. This process improves compliance behavior over time and dosage accuracy – both critical for better trial data.

A CleverScore adherence score summarizes participant compliance. This allows researchers to confirm patients participating in the study followed the therapy protocol when comparing clinical trial metrics across groups.

According to Dr. Thomas Morrow, chief medical officer for Next IT, “CleverCap offers great value in the outpatient setting with the greatest balance between reliability, granularity of data capture, passive engagement and costs.”

Already in Use
Compliance Meds Technologies has teamed up with clinical research organizations to use the CleverCap platform in a number of multiyear trials. One trial involves a complex regimen of immunosuppressant medications where CleverCap and CleverScores will be used for daily measurement of adherence. An analysis of adherence data will help trial managers identify the most efficient and cost-effective measures of medication-taking behavior.

In another program CleverCap is working directly with a physicians group to document how technology can improve adherence and help patients take medications on time and in the right dosage, to gauge improvements in overall health and outcomes tied to better adherence.

About CleverCap and Compliance Meds Technologies
Compliance Meds Technologies is a health management service company specializing in the design and implementation of innovative technologies for medication adherence. Unlike smart pill bottle solutions, the CleverCap device-enabled medication adherence solution helps patients take the right dose, at the right time – combined with alerts, tracking, third-party notifications and a centralized data portal for information management. These features have been shown to improve patient adherence and outcomes, and are being used in clinical trials today.

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