Moses Zonana, CEO of Compliance Meds Technologies, was featured as an author for Specialty Pharmacy Times to provide his expert opinion on how medication management technology can help transform patient support and engagement.

The provoking article addresses the prevalent struggle of high discontinuation of specialty pharmaceuticals, and challenges specialty pharmacies how they can play an important role in minimizing the issue by revitalizing an often-archaic approach that nurse support teams continue to enforce.

Technology-driven customer intelligence and analytics can transform the patient’s experience in their journey. By pairing a technology strategy with support interventions, specialty pharmacies are armed with actionable intelligence used to plan, intervene, and engage patients before drifting towards discontinuation.

How do specialty pharmacies gain patient intelligence? By using a connected solution that offers comprehensive levels of medication monitoring and control, both for patients and for those who support them. Zonana lists and describes 5 components your medication technology solution must have to implement the most effective approach: easy to implement, comprehensive actionable patient insight, customizable, fully connected, and highly secure. He then elaborates examples of scenario in which specialty pharmacy can apply such technology solutions.


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