MIAMI (Tuesday, April 4, 2017) Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT), a mobile medication management and solutions provider, today announced a company-wide rebranding paired with the launch of its all-new website and online portals connecting enterprises with patients worldwide. As part of a strategic effort to accentuate its comprehensive enterprise-grade offerings to improve medication habits, patients’ quality of life and treatment outcomes, the rebranding sets CMT apart from fragmented adherence and patient engagement tools currently in vogue. CMT has revamped not only its brand image but has also combined additional cutting-edge technologies that further complement its integrated services.

Recognizing an epidemic due to suboptimal medication habits, a vacuum of patient/provider involvement to tackle it, and that not one solution fits all use cases, CMT delivers services that are easily tailored to fit the needs of health care enterprises and their patients in various settings, which include: senior care, patients undergoing addiction treatment programs, patients under pharmaceutical research trials, and patients under sensitive pharmaceutical therapies. CMT’s tools combine unique features and attributes into solutions that can be directly applied to achieve:

  • Better Medication Habits – helping patients take the right medication, at the right time, and at the proper dose
  • Patient Insights – enabling providers to fully understand how patients are taking medications for timely treatment decision interventions

CMT’s primary goals are to remind patients when to take medications and deliver an all-inclusive program that aids providers in tracking patient habits to empower tactical interventions that improve treatment outcomes. Providers have quick & easy access to patient information via secured cloud-based portals at or directly through their integrated EHR.

“The rebranding of CMT is a critical step as we keep expanding our solutions and continue to advance our capabilities across diverse health care delivery ecosystems,” says Moses Zonana, Founder and CEO of CMT. “Our solutions provide easy to implement yet incredibly customizable action plans that can be applied to numerous health care industry sectors and workflows, including branded pharmaceuticals, pharma research & development, managed care, addiction treatment and senior care.”

Various levels of medication management can be achieved utilizing a series of CMT’s technology tools:

  • CleverCap LITE: a device that records the date and time a medication has been accessed offering visual and sound reminders and offering an instant feedback loop to providers.
  • CleverCap PRO: a more advanced device with dose controlling capabilities that track at a granular level with individual pill dispensing events, also with visual and sound reminders and offering an instant feedback loop to providers.
  • Companion App CMT: an optional companion mobile app to empower patients to keep track of their own habits, helps providers push additional educational information about treatments and help patients create alerts for themselves and other caregivers.
  • Reporting/Analytics Portals: an online cloud-based reporting and analytics portal with an intuitive user interface to monitor medication use behavior with detailed dosing logs and reports that support intervention decisions and tracking.

“CMT exists to create intuitive and easy-to-implement technology solutions that help patients stay on track, improve health habits, and empower providers for delivering the best possible outcomes. We connect those who care,” Zonana adds.

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Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT)

CMT is a mobile health technology solutions provider offering tools to improve patients’ treatment’s performance, allowing enterprises to track medication utilization to help improve health outcomes and therapy efficacy. CMT offers a portfolio of cutting-edge tools that are intuitive and easy-to-use such as CleverCap LITE, CleverCap PRO, a Companion App and Reporting/Analytics Portals, all of which are customized for healthcare enterprise clients depending on their goals and patients’ needs. The South Florida-based company’s main mission is to provide solutions to help patients stay on track with treatments.