Specialty Pharmacy Times interviewed Moses Zonana, CEO of Compliance Meds Technologies, during Asembia 2017 regarding Medication Adherence innovations.

How Does Compliance Meds Technologies Improve Medication Adherence?

Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT) offers a novel approach to medication tracking with its patented CleverCap devices that track and record real-time dispensation of oral solid medication events in the outpatient setting. The technology captures detailed logs of how patients are dosing, enables timely screening and empowers enrichment interventions.

The video interview features Zonana showcasing one of the CleverCap devices, CleverCap PRO.

CleverCap devices are a part of an integrated solutions platform designed to improve medication adherence and overall patient outcomes.

Zonana: I have a couple of our products here and one of them is called CleverCap PRO. So, Clever Cap Pro basically tracks every time a pill is dispensed, and it controls for the dose, and tracks at the pill level of granularity––which means that every time a pill comes out it time stamps the event and sends it to the cloud instantly. If a patient either underdoses or overdoses, someone will be monitoring and taking action accordingly. So, that can initiate an engagement call, it can initiate an educational call, it can initiate a video being sent, and then you take decisions before it’s too late.

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