MIAMI (Tuesday, May 9, 2017) Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT) announced today strategic partnerships with Recovery Centers of America and California Highlands to design and implement medication management and communications solutions for use in each providers’ MAT programs.

Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT) is the preeminent provider of integrated technology-based solutions focused on improving patient health and reducing the cost of care for the behavioral health, transitional care, and specialty pharmaceutical industries. CMT solutions incorporate the use of proprietary technologies, including a provider technology portal, CleverCap™ tamperproof medication dispensing smart-devices, and a patient/caregiver engagement mobile app. These robust and integrated components allow clients to:

  • monitor, dispense and track patient medication protocols, including real-time alerts for patient compliance and non-compliance allowing early intervention by caregivers;
  • access patient information via secured cloud-based portals at or directly through their integrated EHR;
  • analyze program data to help manage financial risk.


CMT will develop and implement customized solutions for both Recovery Centers of America and California Highlands to improve the rate of successful and sustained recovery outcomes, patient quality of life, prevent medication abuse and diversion, create operational efficiencies, and decrease the cost of treatment for both residential and outpatient settings.

Recovery Centers of America (RCA) provides evidence-based behavioral treatment programs at their world-class residential and outpatient treatment facilities throughout the eastern United States. RCA is at the forefront of utilizing science and technology to improve patient recovery care and develop new pathways to long-term recovery.  As part of their ongoing commitment to enhance care by applying technological advancements, RCA has engaged CMT to design and implement a medication management and communications solution for use in their sequential outpatient addiction and mental-health MAT programs.

“RCA firmly believes that fundamental to maintaining a successful recovery is continued active involvement in outpatient treatment programs combined with the support of family and friends,” says JP Christen, COO of Recovery Centers of America. “We are excited to include CMT’s communications and medication management technology platform as part of our comprehensive recovery planning for patients.  The CMT program will help promote longevity of participation in our outpatient care settings and prevent relapses, leading to higher rates of sustained recovery and better treatment program cost management.”

California Highlands Addiction Treatment facility provides a residential treatment program for substance abuse and mental health issues.  Located on 40 beautifully landscaped acres near Palm Springs, California Highland clients receive highly individualized treatment in a luxurious and serene setting. CMT will partner with California Highlands to structure and implement a communications and medication management solution tailored for use in their residential treatment program, and as part of their clients’ comprehensive recovery plan after discharge. In addition to the core goal of advancing successful treatment outcomes, the CMT platform will be integrated with California Highlands’ electronic health record (EHR) system to facilitate multiple operating efficiencies, including automated and accurate medication dosing and inventory management.

“California Highlands Addiction Treatment is founded on delivering safe, respectful and dignified individualized treatment.  We look forward to continue these core virtues as we enter into a program with CMT who shares these values,” says Paul Del Vacchio, Chief Executive Officer at California Highlands Addiction Treatment. “CMT will deliver cutting edge technology which will promote clear communications, medication adherence and will promote positive recovery outcomes.”

“Connecting those who care has been CMT’s mission since the beginning, and is a principle foundation guiding our solutions design for addiction and mental health treatment providers and their clients,” says Moses Zonana, Founder and CEO of CMT. “Beginning with residential treatment, CMT programs provide multiple benefits that will continue to have a positive impact for providers, and on recovery outcomes and quality of life throughout the outpatient treatment process and beyond.”


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About Compliance Meds Technologies (CMT)

CMT is a healthcare technology solutions provider based in Miami, Florida.  CMT solutions are designed to improve behavioral health treatment outcomes and mitigate financial risk by allowing providers to accurately track and manage medication utilization, and communicate in real-time with patients and caregivers. CMT solutions are intuitive, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and developed based upon the strategic needs and objectives of each client company.


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