AVENTURA, FL /PRNewswire/ — Compliance Meds Technologies, creator of the CleverCap™ solution, announced today the integration of CleverCap into the 2net™ Platform from Qualcomm Life Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. CleverCap™ is a revolutionary device-enabled medication adherence solution which passively engages patients and physicians in an intuitive medication compliance solution.

It is estimated that as little as 25% of prescriptions are taken as directed, with noncompliance leading to as many as 11 million hospital admissions and $300 billion in wasted healthcare spend annually.(1) In some therapeutic areas the costs of compliance and need for a comprehensive solution are especially stark; in treating HIV, less than 95% adherence with a prescription medication regimen independently predicts hospital admissions and drug resistance.(2,3,4)

CleverCap™ uses a seamlessly integrated device- and IT-enabled platform to help physicians get patients:

• The right medication
• At the right dose
• At the right time

A CleverCap™ enhanced prescription increases engagement with payers, providers and patients by empowering better adherence rates through integrated visual/sound alerts and an adherence score, the CleverScore™. Going beyond simple medication reminders, CleverCap’s unique tamper-proof and dose control design represents a powerful solution for prescription medications with a high potential for abuse such as opioids. According to the CDC, overdose deaths involving opioid pain relievers now exceed deaths involving heroin and cocaine combined.(5)

“Qualcomm Life’s mission is to make wireless health simple for medical device manufacturers, and to ultimately have an impact on improving health care. Our collaboration with CleverCap™ brings an actionable stream of medication information to our 2net Ecosystem, better equipping disease management program efforts,” said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life.

“The relationship with Qualcomm Life goes further than enabling secure, near real-time communication for CleverCap’s data; it opens an array of access opportunities as medication adherence information is more valuable for clinical and research purposes when analyzed in the context of synchronized remote-monitored vital signs,” said Moses Zonana, CEO of Compliance Meds Technologies.

About Compliance Meds Technologies:
Compliance Meds Technologies specializes in the design and implementation of solutions that can improve patient outcomes. Its approach is to consider existing supply chains and stakeholders when thinking through complex problems that can be solved in a minimally invasive/disruptive way. The CleverCap™ solution evolved from the combined experience in pharmacy management and distribution, chronic disease management and care, technology and wireless from its founders.

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